Active holiday

Wouldn’t you just love it if you had somebody to help you arrange a memorable birthday party, a seminar, corporate summer days, a wedding reception or any other event?! The people at the Hunters’ Villa are happy to do their best to make your dreams come true.

  • We Love Estonia – Awesome bogs, diverse woods and old stories are all worth discovering. The people of the Hunters’ Villa know and can tell you a lot of tales when they guide you to the beautiful and dignified places in the vicinity: Kakerdaja Bog, Kodru Bog, Lõhmu Hill, Albu Manor and the threshing barn in Kukenoosi.
  • Workshop of Natural Food – Spending quality time together can be made even more meaningful by doing something together. We value clean Estonian nature and natural Estonian food. Under the guidance of a chef, a group can learn how to make rich sour milk cheese, gourmet butter with your favourite herbs, home-made bread, or try out a cooking idea you’ve been thinking of.

  • Sauna Hopping – Classical massage is one of the very few things we cannot offer you torelieve your stress and muscle strain, but sauna is sure to do the trick! You can enjoy sauna alone or with a company, sitting or lying, just once or several times, with or without oils – the choice is yours!
  • Outdoor Adventure Game – A good opportunity to challenge your mental and physical abilities both in small and big groups. As an extra bonus, you’ll develop team spirit and mutual understanding!
  • Indoor Games – Sometimes you just don’t feel like going out, you’d rather stay indoors, where it’s nice and warm. Thinking of our guests’ possible whims and wishes, we have stocked a wide range of entertaining board and activity games that keep you amused and occupied the whole evening.

On appropriate occasions and on the clients’ approval, we invite people from local community to entertain you. A lot of amazing and talented people live locally, and they do have surprises in store…

The above-given activities for an active holiday are named and described just to give you an idea of what they are about. The details of our offers depend on the number of people to begin with, but primarily on how cooperative the wild nature chooses to be:)

For further information or an offer, please contact us at or +372 5885 6955