You need to be fresh and well-rested to enjoy an active day – you’ll sleep like a baby in our beds that have pillows as fluffy as clouds and blankets as light as feathers…

In the Hunters’ Villa there are nine rooms for 19 people, plus eight extra sleeping places. You’ll find each room to have its own character and cozy atmosphere.

The rooms are located in the two wings of the villa.

In the right wing there are ten sleeping places in five rooms. All the rooms are equipped with TV, Wi-Fi and cable internet. At the disposal of the rooms there are four shared toilets/shower rooms and a cozy lounge with a TV.

In the left wing there are four rooms for nine people. In the two two-room suites there is a possibility for four extra sleeping places each. In each room and suite there is a toilet, a shower, Wi-Fi and readiness for cable internet.